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Well this is my tex game page. The purpose of the game is to get as high a score as you can. You achieve this by having lines eaten away. The way it works is that an eater block works it's way across the screen. The rate at which it eats blocks depends on how many spaces it comes upon. The more open spaces it eats the slower it eats which is bad for you because blocks come down faster and faster.
September 11,2004
You can now quit the game from the main menu. Added ability to change the starting level. Fixed bug were the high scores where not written properly to the high scores file.
August 31,2004
Made gameplay more diffcult and fixed a bug where the rate at which blocks fall didn't increase.
August 18,2004
Added the ability to pause game by pressing Esc. Also added shadows to the player blocks to help the player position the blocks.

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Last Updated September 20,2004