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This webpage is for hosting World Racer.
Most of the prjects I have been working on are games
Currently I have two games that are fairly playable.
The first one is a word game which is feature complete at the present
time. The other one is ,World Racer, a 3D racing game that is currently under


Mon Sept 20 11:05:37 PST 2004

I'm now at UC Davis. Which is cool since hopefully the courses will be more rigorous. As you can see I've added a page for Tex.

Wed Feb 25 21:05:37 PST 2004

Well I haven't been working on my WorldRacer game but I did make a tetris like game. anyways in personal news I'm now attending Sacramento State University. So far it seems pretty good I like all of my professors. Here's a link to the game Game Link to run it you need to download Python Game and Python

Wed Dec 31 10:14:42 2003

You probable think this project is dead but it's not. I done some overhauling of the internals and I'm currently working on adding water to the game. I've also done some improvements in rendering speed. I've also overhauled the particle engines they're a solid piece of code now. In other news school is out I start again on January 26.

Thu Aug 21 20:45:41 2003

The particle engines are finally gettting to be in a usable state. I've added dust storms to the first race track. In other news I've started school, as a result progress on World Racer will slow.

Mon Aug 4 14:30:39 2003

I'm back from vacation. This means I'll be adding new features. The first thing on my list is to add blowing dust and snow. I made a gimp script, so I can edit the image data files more easily. In June I wrote an article about the data storge methods that have been used on this project, hopefully the article will be uploaded today. I'm also working on internal reorganzation of the program. None of it will be visible to the user but it should make the code more reusable for future projects.

Wed Jul 23 21:03:00 2003

The lighting is finished I just need to put a lamp where the light is instead of a round ball. I changed the fog so that instead of a global fog, each part of the terrain has a fog density associated with it. So you can go through things like fog banks. In other new I've been playing with python. So far I've made a equation graphing program.

Tue Jul 1 14:05:07 2003

The lighting for World Racer is finally comming together. I haven't had much time to work on World Racer because of the house. From now on I'm not going to post personal news here you can read my journal at slashdot my user name is bjwbell. I'm still tweaking the code for this webpage so you'll see changes in how it looks.

Jun 20 14:04:32 2003

I'm still working away I spent a ton of time fixing bugs or I should say one bug. The bug came about from a slight missunderstanding on my part when I used the Width and height of SDL_Surface I went from 0 to Image.Width which you can't do, you go from 0 to Image.Width-1 Other than that, I'm adding lights to the game, so far I haven't run into any show stoppers for the lights. I did complete my work on the particle fountains so you can easly add new one to each race. And work still continues on our floor. We've mixed around 43 bags of concrete, for the footers.

Sun Jun 8 00:29:26 PDT 2003

I got my particle engine working in my game. I still need to make it so you can easly make fountains of particles. I made a couple of logos for my game in the gimp you can see them here Logo1 Logo2 I'm probably going to make the first logo the permanent logo for the project

Mon Jun 2 17:03:40 PDT 2003

I'm working on a particle engine for my racing game it's coming along nicely Screenshot link Particle Engine In other news my family is redoing the floor in our house so it's a bit hectic. Here's a link to the downloads Download page

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